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The KingAsterisk Technologies provides an automated mass dialling solution where hundreds, or thousands of numbers are simultaneously dialled, and an automated connection to an IVR occurs when answered by a person.

For more complex solutions, where the IVR needs to transfer calls to a Live Agent, rather than dialling a fixed number of outbound lines the system can be told how many Live Agents are available and it decides how many numbers to dial based on how many Live Agents are busy. There is a further option for these Agents to log into the system, which means that the system knows exactly how many agents are available and whether they are ready to take calls. Using this latter mode there is no need to manually adjust the dialling rate on the Broadcast dialler at all.

In all cases, the operation of the campaign can be monitored live from a web interface. This shows how many lines are being dialled and what the results of previous calls have been. It also shows how many calls are in progress to Live Agents in cases where Live Agents are used.

Features & Benefits

   Campaign setup and operation via the web.
   No setup cost, and telecom only cost for calls.
   Automation of dialling rate in cases where live agents are used.
   Optional automation of re-tries for dials not resulting in human contact
   Virtually unlimited outbound line capacity.
   Highly accurate and very fast Answer Machine Detection to reduce call costs.
   Option for self-build or managed services.
   24x7 support for cases where foreign or specialist campaigns are being operated.