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The KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP server built-in billing was designed with carrier grade customers in mind. We offer a complete suite of billing and switching solutions that support the whole range of common VoIP business models. Our VoIP Billing platform will allow you to sell advanced features and its configuration is handled by a simple to use user interface. The softswitch allows service providers to efficiently manage and accurately bill all aspects of their end-users’ VoIP usage.

The KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP billing software is built using 100% multi-threaded C++ code, making it a high performance billing engine that can handle millions of calls. The billing process is running on lower priority threads, never affecting the call quality when the server usage is high. The remote management application offers multiple customizable reports including, accounting, revenue, expenses, call history by user and others.

The KingAsterisk Technologies focus only on developing products related to VoIP. That’s why this company is specialized in making such products. VoIP Billing Software by this company is really excellent software and miles ahead of its counterparts. The features of the KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP Billing are what makes it most demanded VoIP product in the market. Following are the features of this stylish and modular VoIP Billing. Take a look at its features to make your decision about this software. You can also get a Demo VoIP Billing Software for free to evaluate it.